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Live XYZ is the first live map of a city. A single reliable database for places & events.

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Data License

  • A single, verified ground-truth ID for every storefront & point-of-interest

  • Every place on every block is photographed, classified, and mapped to the front door

  • No duplicate listings

  • Live XYZ integrates with your CRM / CMS


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Live Maps & Guides

  • Embed curated maps on any website with a simple iframe

  • Share maps of neighborhoods & promote local businesses

  • Curate maps for special events and public programming to maximize participation and reach

The App

  • Every place on every block is visible on the map with pin-point precision

  • Browse high quality photos and events

  • Search by time of day, location, and unique filters

  • Save and share favorite places and events

  • Download for free on the App Store



  • Monitor vacancy, turnover, & retail mix

  • Track changes over time and discover trends

  • Compare different areas and measure the health of neighborhoods and the city

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