Live XYZ is on a mission to map the world - a live map of every place on every block showing the culture, activity, and life of a city. A complete revolution in how we access and experience the physical world around us.

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Live XYZ’s ground approach to mapping the world's places is unique to the industry. For the past few years, our on-the-ground mapping team has been walking the streets of New York, photographing and mapping every place on every block. We have integrated APIs to match digital signals to each venue, organized by time. Our mappers, civic partners, and signal processing from machine learning, all work together to keep the map 'live'.

We now maintain and continue to enhance the most up-to-date, exhaustive index of places and spaces (operating, vacant, under construction) in New York City and Austin, TX.


Robert Levitan


linkedin | robert@live.xyz

Jason Greenwald


linkedin | jason@live.xyz

Jimmy Glaser

Head of Mapping

linkedin | jimmyg@live.xyz